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You can be anything by writing. C.S.Lewis

Mabel Publishing is....

a woman-owned, independent publisher. Founded in 2022 with a simple philosophy: We love good books. Mabel Publishing is devoted to recognizing talented writers and helping them get seen and read. Literary fiction, engrossing non-fiction, children’s literature, poetry collections… whatever motivates you inspires us. Marketers first and foremost, we focus on guiding you through the publishing process and sharing your work with the world. Mabel Publishing guides authors through digital and physical book publishing as well as audiobook production. Our creative team realizes the intimate and unique nature of bringing a book from concept to manuscript and from manuscript to market.

The MABEL Team

Diane Villhard

President, Publisher

Serving as the director of all publishing processes, Diane works directly with authors, collaborates on creative design, manages editing processes, oversees physical and digital production, and focuses on marketing strategies. Coming from a background in marketing and copywriting, Diane has a devout appreciation for creative writing and storytelling but puts her experience behind identifying, nurturing, and promoting talented authors who have a good story to tell.

Danielle Villhard

Art Director

Danielle is an experienced graphic designer and visual arts guru. Her book cover designs range from children’s books to fantasy to historical fiction. She has produced commissions for the University of Dayton and the University of Notre Dame from which she holds art and education degrees. Her design and production work has been featured in children’s museums, personal commissions, art centers, and schools. Her experience negotiating licensing and creating original artwork is matched only by her amazing ability to bring the written word to life with visual imagery.


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We’re always interested in talented authors and will accept submissions of one or two chapters for consideration.